Remove Blank or Empty Rows in Excel Quickly

February 5, 2015

Have you ever removed several rows and or individual cells of data from your workbook and are finally ready to, “make it pretty” and send off for review?¬†Before you go individually selecting content, dragging it up to replace blanks or even worse… retyping it, try using the the “Remove Blanks” Function shortcut in Excel.

Below are written out, step-by-step instructions. I also created some accompanying screenshots farther down the post.

  1. Select All Data You Want To Clean Up
  2. Click Ctrl + G – The Go To Dialog Box Will Appear
    • Instead of Ctrl + G You Can Also “Select F5” or “Home -> Find & Select –> Go To”
  3. Select Special
  4. Under the “Go To Special” Dialog Box
  5. Select “Blanks”
  6. Select “OK”
    • After selecting “OK” all of the blank cells will now be highlighted.
  7. Right Click Data And Select “Delete”
  8. Under the “Delete Dialog Box” Select “Shift Cells Up”
  9. Select “OK”

Steps 1 – 5
Remove Blanks Step 1

Step 6
Remove Blanks Step 2

Steps 7-9
Remove Blanks Step 3

Remove Blanks Step 4


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