Top 18 PowerPoint 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts

February 11, 2015

PowerPoint is my life

“PowerPoint is My Life”, has been my mantra at the office for quite some time now.

As we drudge through the daily chore that is PowerPoint and are evidently tasked with “making it pretty”, I wanted to share these top 18 PowerPoint 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts that have come extremely handy. If it seems overwhelming, try practicing one shortcut a week  or printing out the list and having it sit next to your monitor for a quick reference.

While it may seem like a bit of work to force some of these shortcuts to memory, the payoff makes it beyond worth it.

Keyboard ShortCut Description
Alt+Arrow Key Rotates Object
Alt+F9 Show or Hide Guides
ALT+JD+SF Shape Fill
ALT+JD+SO Shape Outline
ALT+JD+SZ Shape Size
Alt+Moving Mouse Makes Shapes Move in Smaller Increments
Ctril+[ Decrease font size
Ctrl+] Increase font size
Ctrl+D Description
Ctrl+G Group
Ctrl+M Adds a new slide
Ctrl+Shift+G UnGroup
Ctrl+T Opens the font dialog box
Ctrl+Y Re-does previous Action
Shift+Arrow Key Changes Overall Size of Object
Shift+F3 Changes the Case of Letters
Shift+F5 Start presentation from current slide
Shift+F9 Show gridlines


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