About Scrum Farm

HiThereMy name is Esther Maguire and I am a Product Marketing Manager behind Amobee as well as a Certified ScrumMaster by day. On the side, I started the blog Scrum Farm to help share advice on how individuals can create a new efficiency at every turn in their day to day office tasks.

Whether it’s PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook or how to have your PC function at an optimal level, I love sharing tips and tricks that I have learned along the way that will hopefully improve someone else’s day to day. I’ve been categorized as becoming “easily excitable” at work when discovering a new time save.

In setting one goal for myself, I want to try and make everything I come in contact with to become a better version of itself. A beautiful, streamlined, cost efficient, cutting edge and technologically advanced version. To me, that is beautiful and validating of my work.